Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Geo Routes mission statement?

Geo Routes and Aegean Routes cultural exhibitions aim at making the unexplored parts of Greece known, at highlighting its cultural heritage and at contributing to the development of the local society through Social Responsibility programs.

What the difference of Geo Routes in comparison to the usual tours offered for visiting Greece?

  1. All Geo & Aegean Routes journeys are driven by the aforementioned statement
  2. Participants are escorted by Geo Routes experienced staff (being most of the times licensed guides)
  3. Geo Routes groups addressed to limited number of participants( max 30 people) to provide team spirit, boost personal relations and ensure meaningful dialogue with the local societies
  4. To resulting higher economic impact to the local societies, the majority of Geo Routes journeys are held during middle & low season 

Why Geo Routes is addressed to experienced voyagers?

Because all Geo Routes programs are made for voyagers seeking for life time experiences, being the legends, the myths, the history, the gastronomy, the heritage and of course the intercultural dialogue with the locals.

What is Greece’s off-the beaten track? 

We deploy carefully selected itineraries across the country to immense your senses in the most pure and unspoiled part of Greece where no other tour-operator is investing resources for complex operations.

What are the responsibilities of our escorts?

They organize the daily itinerary, the stops, the paths and the timetable. Additionally they check all about participants’comfort being the accommodations, the meals, the weather and the safety conditions.

Are modifications allowed to our programs?

No modifications are permitted in the Geo Routes published itineraries, whether they are for private of groups. Changes or modifications are only possible to the Tailor-Made programs which can be customized to voyagers’ special interests.

What are the tailor-made programs?

They are programs that can be modified (partially or completely) to the content, the desired period, the duration and the services to be provided. 

What are the standards of accommodation at Geo Routes?

  1. Properties’ capacity mainly to not exceed the 50 rooms
  2. Where available, their classification to be 4 or 5 stars
  3. To have proven experience and level of hospitality
  4. To be eco-friendly and avoiding be part of massive tourism channels
  5. To be customer oriented and have health and safety systems in place
  6. Food provided to consider using local ingredients & recipes

What ‘Active’ Voyager means?

During the journey the “Active Voyager” is part of the story. She/he may be:

  • Filming the highlights of the journey
  • Photo shooting faces, places of special interest
  • Recording needs/desires of local peoples

On completion of the voyage, said material may be provided to Geo Routes, and further evaluation to see it featured at:

  • Geo Routes Social Media and blast communication
  • Geo Routes Cultural Heritage Festival
  • 3rd parties for use in Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Do i have to become an Active Voyager?

No, not. It is upon participant’s sole discretion to do so.

What kind of vehicles used at Geo Routes journeys?

  • For up to 2 participants a luxurious sedan (inclusive driver and escort)
  • For up to 7 participants a luxurious 9 seats mini-van (inclusive driver and escort)
  • For up to 15 participants a luxurious 17 seats mini-bus (inclusive driver and escort)
  • For more participants a range of  luxurious coaches of 36 or 40 or 50 seats (depending on the number of voyagers)

What the terms & conditions of participation at Geo Routes journeys? 

Please read the ‘General terms & Conditions’ listed here

What kind of insurance is offered by Geo Routes?

Geo Routes maintain a general liability insurance being in line with E.C. directive 90/314. No insurance for personal injuries, health cases, accidents, damages, property losses or repatriation is provided. All participants are prompted holding their own personal insurance.

How can I become member of Geo Routes?

Please refer to the “Membership” here
Geo Routes categories of membership are as following:

  • Ordinary Members-Individuals (annual fee applies)
  • Ordinary Members-Businesses, Institutions, Organizations (Private or Public sector), NGOs (annual fee applies)
  • Volunteering Members
  • Honorary Members

Published rates

Rates published in this website are for private customers (2, 4, 6 paid participants) and for Groups of 30 minimum paid participants. For different number of participants, please contact us.