Our Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Geo Routes experiential cultural and environmental journeys fostering to highlight the ‘other side’ of Greece, to promote its cultural heritage and to contribute to the sustainable development of the local societies in cooperation with businesses & organizations, through specially designed Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

Our Mission

Aiming at contributing to the sustainable development of the societies, Geo Routes undertake to promote and strengthen Greece’s beauties, mysteries and cultural heritage around the globe.

We achieve our goals through the right planning, perfect content and the absolute execution of our journeys, expeditions and events of cultural, environmental and educational character.

Geo Routes statement synopsis is as following:

  • to deliver added-value services to foreigners and local visitors
  • to “make” them discover the ‘off the beaten tracks’ of Greece
  • to highlight Greece’s cultural heritage
  • to facilitate to the intercultural dialogue
  • to contribute to the development of the local societies