Explore – Experience – Be Part

Explore “The Other” Side

Greece, the birthplace of western civilization and democracy, the land of culture and history, provides the ultimate setting for an unforgettable land ready to be discovered.

Our voyagers will be able to familiarize with the unknown parts of Greece while gaining life-time experiences, becoming acquainted with the different, meeting and communicating with locals and feeling the rich cultural heritage of each destination.

Our cultural journeys are endeavouring to make you become comfortable with the unexplored parts of Greece, to highlight its cultural majesty and to encourage you to contribute to the development of the local societies.

Geo and Aegean Routes provide the ideal way to explore the ‘other side’ of Greece and its unknown and hidden secrets.

Our ‘off the beaten track’ routes menu, is consisted of 4 alternatives:

1. the Regular trips at which you participate with your own vehicle (or rent-a-car at extra cost) escorted by the Geo Routes head convoy vehicle and our crew. These journeys are for small groups up to 25 people and combine the independency to the team spirit.

2. the Private trips at which transportation is included, with our deluxe vehicles, in which you will be escorted by our staff, the route manager and the tour director. By choosing this category you have a fully organized trip and what is left for you to do is do enjoy the journey as much as you want and in your own way.

3. the Groups trips which are for 30 people (or less upon request) at which transportation is included, with our deluxe motor-coaches, escorted by our staff.

4. the Customized based trips, which can be adjusted to your specific needs and requirements, and meet your specific score while visiting Greece.

While joining a Geo Routes theme program to the mainland or an Aegean Routes to the Greek Islands, you may discover the attention to every single detail with regards to the quality of accommodations, to the traditional food that mainly comes by local ingredients & recipes, to the daily activities etc .

To the birthplace land of civilization and democracy, the culture and history, no surprise that Geo & Aegean Routes is the only way to discover the ‘other’ side of Greece.


Experience Greece

Our ‘true’ Greece is a blend of a rich Cultural Heritage, folklore & customs, 5000 years in Arts, Sciences & History,
a unique gastronomy and world famous places of religious interest.

Greece has a particularly rich and diverse natural environment, a distinct topography with sharp contrasts that have high ecological value. High mountains, lush valleys and groves, an extended coastline, and unique ecosystems comprise and shape the Greek landscape. Residents and visitors enjoy a wealth of leisure and recreation options that are unequalled in the Mediterranean.

Greek history and Greek culture constitute the foundations of Western civilization. The cultural heritage of Greece may be identified in almost all aspects of human activity, from poetry, theatre, music, and dance to the world of scientific research.

The same ancient theatres, which accommodated performances 2500 years ago, are still lodging performances which are reviving the Greek spirit, the principles and ideals such as democracy, freedom, justice, freedom of speech and free will.

Mediterranean diet is based on traditional Greek cuisine, with its emphasis on vegetables, fruits, grains, seafood, fresh meat and dairy products, and pure wine. Greece offers a bountiful array of raw ingredients and traditional products and a cuisine that is healthful and simple, yet rich and varied. Based on olive oil, Greek cuisine can be enjoyed in simple taverns, in traditional ouzeries, or in modern restaurants that offer daring interpretations of time-tested classics.

Well-known products such as feta cheese, yogurt, and honey please millions of people daily, and beverages including ouzo and retsina have become identified as the quintessential accompaniments to a host of Greek specialties. The fine quality and interesting character of the wines are globally appreciated and recognized by oenophiles (wine lovers).

The climate in Greece makes living in this Mediterranean destination a year-round joy. Visitors may enjoy a wide variety of sport activities in the varied landscapes of the country and they can even discover different natural sources of wellness.

Let your senses in our hands and visit Greece the Geo and Aegean Routes way.


The “Active Voyagers” Society

Be part of the society of “Active Voyagers”

Be part of the “Active Voyagers” society and let your focal point to monitor and record all the ‘moments to remember of your trip. Accept the challenge to be assigned a dedicated role (among them listed below) and evolve yourself in becoming synonymous with the footprint of the specific journey. Among the activities you can do is to:

  • Filming the highlights of the program
  • Photographing faces, places of special interest, and flora/fauna species
  • Recording crucial needs of the local society
  • Monitoring the oral-history shared by the olders
  • Posting your own ideas for further development of the visiting places

After your journey, you are encouraged to convey this material back to Geo Routes and see it (following to an evaluation process) to be exposed:

  • at the Geo Routes Social Media, stating namely who has provided and for what reason this material
  • at the Geo Routes Cultural Heritage Festival
  • for screening and evaluation to Businesses or Organizations interested to satisfy the needs of the local societies through their Corporate Social Responsibility programs

Active Companies, CSR & Sustainability

Organizations & Companies seeking to the sustainability and the social development, Geo Routes Institute becoming a vehicle to exercise their CSR & Volunteering programs.

For their contribution to the Society, the Environment or the Culture they take candidacy for an honorary distinction award, which will be provided by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO.

Geo Routes Social Contribution

The ‘Win-Win-Win’ model

Geo Routes are under an increasing behavioral reaction (G+dynamic) with every voyager (iеN) part of a group (N) of the international tourism society (Ω), whose participation is subject to the utility probabilities experience (u), the service level provided (τ), the communication strategy (A) and the benefits to the local communities (ρC). The Geo Routes mission statement is related to the level of understanding, the sensitization process and the willingness to collaborate between every voyager and the society (φΤ).

G = [ Ν, Ω {Α, υ, φΤ, τ, ρC} ι є Ν ]

The “win-win-win papakonstantinidis model” came following to Nash’ equilibrium point ‘win-win’ bargaining theory; under the Bayesian analysis refinement. Prof. Papakonstantinidis has introduced a 3rd pillar as extension of socio-responsibility ‘win’ dimension, which confirms that no economic development is achieved, while society is been disregarded. The “win-win-win papakonstantinidis model” has been accepted by International Journals as well as by the International Sociological Association -I.S,.A.

*Prof. L.Papakonstantinidis model (2009) ©