The Active Voyagers

Be part of the society of “Active Voyagers”

Be part of the “Active Voyagers” society and let your footprint to the “other” side of Greece. Take the challenge to evolve yourself in becoming synonymous with the specific journey. Among the activities you can do is to:

  • Film the highlights of your journey
  • Capture faces, places of special interest
  • Record possible needs of the local society
  • Monitor the oral-history shared by the olders
  • Provide your own ideas for the development of the places visited during your trip

After your journey, you may post your material to Geo Routes and see it to be exposed:

  • at the Geo Routes Social Media channels & streams
  • at the Geo Routes Cultural Heritage Festival

Companies: CSR & Sustainability

Organizations & Companies aiming at the sustainable and social development, Geo Routes is a vehicle to exercise their CSR activities.

For their contribution to the Society, the Environment or the Culture they put candidacy for an honorary distinction which will be provided by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO.