Underground Treasures of Athens

One of the most modern metro systems is available today in Athens. During its construction the greatest ever excavation in the City of Athens was carried out. Spanning over an area of 79.000m2 had revealed more than 50.000 ancient items. During our program we visit the 4 most significant stations of the historic center, where in these “small scale museums” ancient objects in displays are exhibited. We board on the “wagon of history” and we start our journey to learn about the city of Athens through the excavation findings, exhibited at the station platforms.

Detailed Itinerary

10:00 Our program starts from the Acropolis metro station where excavations carried out over an area of 2500 m2 and reveled that this area had been used since the end of the 3rd millennium BC up to the Byzantine times. Graves dating back to the Middle-Helladic and Post-Helladic Era, houses, workshops, roads and baths were also revealed.

We take the metro to Syntagma station, where the excavations brought up, a sculpture foundry dating from the Classic Era, a cemetery dating back to the sub-Mycenaean and the Byzantine times, baths complex dating back to the roman times, a section of the Peisistranian Aqueduct, the embedded bed of Iridanos River and the ancient road leading from the gates of the wall to the municipalities of Messogaia.

We continue to Monastιraki where the embedded bed of Iridanos River is one out of the most significant findings of this Station. It was revealed that the area had been in constant use from the Mycenaean Era up to the Modern times. Buildings, workshops, graves and a variety of water supply and sewage systems were revealed. At the area of Monastiraki, archaeological excavations were carried out and residential remains came to light dating back to the 8th century BC (Geometric Era) up to the 19th century AD.

Our last station is at Kerameikos station where a section of the most significant cemetery of the ancient city of Athens was reveled 1200 graves dating back to the beginning of 7th century BC up to Roman times were examined. In addition the mass graves, dating back to the beginning of the Peloponnesian War, constitute very significant archaeological findings. During the excavations was revealed the western surrounding wall of the cemetery, the remains of a ceramic art laboratory and the bed of Iridanos River. At this point our program at the underground treasures of Athens comes to an end.

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What's Included

  • Guided visits as per detailed itinerary
  • Tickets for all the metro stations of the program
  • Geo Routes Tour Guide
  • Geo Routes Information Material
  • Liability Insurance
  • VAT


4 hours cultural walking tour


Daily on request
(bookings close 72 hours prior to departure)

Departure Points

  • Metro station Acropolis – entrance


  • Acropolis metro station
  • Syntagma metro station
  • Monastiraki metro station
  • Keramikos metro station


Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage
History – Archaeology
History – Archaeology

Tour Pricing

Private Tour 2 pax: 189.00€ pp
Private Tour 4 pax: 115.00€ pp
Private Tour 6 pax: 89.00€ pp
Group Tour: from 49.00€ pp

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