European Commision Representation in Greece


‘United in diversity’: The motto of the European Union reflects the Europeans’ decision to unite, reaping benefits from the cultural richness, traditions and languages of Europe.

With the establishment of the freedom of movement as a fundamental right in the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union, European citizens have benefited from the opportunity to travel and experientially learn everything that composes the Union today – among others, peace, reconciliation, democracy and human rights. Besides, the award of the 2012 Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union can only be considered as the greatest proof of its contribution to the global heritage.

For the modern traveler, Greece has become one of the major destinations: The conception and expression of universal ideals, the perception of the world as expressed in mythology and the organization of cities as the first form of democratic governance are the ideological foundation upon which modern Europe and global thinking was built.

However, apart from its contribution of the various sciences, Greece also demonstrates a stunning natural environment: At the crossroads between Europe and Asia at the southern border of the Balkan Peninsula, the Greek nature offers a variety of experiences and enables the visitor to taste purely Greek products – indicatively, the ancient cereal Zea, the plant saffron crocus, olive oil.

The Experiential and Cultural Expeditions of Geo Routes & Aegean Routes with their cultural, social, historical, gastronomical and environmental dimensions, offer exceptional opportunities for the experiential exploration of the special heritage of Greece. Given the economic context, they facilitate the development of local communities and the strengthening of local economies, while they also contribute to the presentation of the particular characteristics of Greece. Furthermore, support for specific actions by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs demonstrate the catalytic role that these initiatives play in tourism development of the country.

On behalf of the European Commission, I welcome the initiatives of Gnomon Performance SA and I invite you to discover through the expeditions of Geo Routes & Aegean Routes the ‘other’ side of Greece: The light’s iridescence as it reflects on the Parthenon’s marbles, the sense of freedom when diving into the blue waters of the Aegean, the sunrise in a peak of Olympus. But also the cordiality of the Macedonian, the pride of Peloponnesian, the hospitality of the Epirotian.

Because only by experiencing the enormous cultural and natural wealth of the country and by entering into ‘harbours seen for the first time’ can we understand their magnificent contribution of Greece to the European diversity.

Mr Panos Carvounis

Fm Head of the European Commission Representation in Greece