Olympic Heritage

3000 years of Greek History unfolds in front of you by looking at the magnificent relief of Peloponnese. This rich in history land, reveals its secrets and beauty: Kalavryta a small picturesque town where the Greek War of Independence started in 1821. The unique of its kind Caves of the Lakes, formed by 13 successive lakes. The archaeological site of Ancient Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games where ideals like “fair play” received worldwide recognition. Foloi forest, an oak forest with an ecosystem of rare flora & fauna, a rare high forest in Europe. The historical Andritsaina with a history dated back to Fragocratia times. Dimitsana a well preserved traditional village. Mycenae the most important kingdom of the mythical Agamemnon during late Bronze Age. This cultural tour will reveal in front of your eyes the full historical panorama of Peloponnese.

Detailed Itinerary

Day : 1 - Athens – Kalavryta

Departure for Diakofto to get on Cog Railway for Kalavryta. About 120 years ago this rack railway started from the seaside town of Diakopto parallel to the river and climbed through bridges and tunnels up to Kalavryta. Arrive to Kalavryta and visit the Municipal Museum of the Kalavrytan Holocaust to see a range of items of the history and the traditions of the city and especially the 1945 holocaust. Next stop is the Monastery of Mega Spyleo where important relics and religious treasures are kept. Arrival at the hotel. Dinner. Overnight.

Day : 2 - Kalavryta – Olympia

Morning visit at the historical Agia Lavra Monastery and the museum. Afterwards head towards the magnificent Cave of the Lakes with the numerous corridors and tunnels formatting 13 lakes on 3 consecutive layers. Next stop is at the traditional Planitero situated in a forest full of plane trees, old watermills and windmills. We reach the Ancient Psophis where ruins of the ancient city and the defensive walls are still visible. Moving on, we arrive to Foloi, one of the rarest oak forests in Europe, which according to mythology, Hercules completed his 4th labor by killing the mythological creature Erymanthus. This day closes at Olympia. Dinner and overnight.

Day : 3 - Olympia (Andritsaina, Epicurean Apollo Temple, Katakolon, Museum of Ancient Greek Technology)

Our day starts with a guided tour at the archeological site of Olympia (Unesco 1989) the birth of the Olympic Games. We walk around the Museum, the Gymnasium, and the Stadium. Andritsaina is our next destination with the beautiful mansions and the oldest fountain in Peloponnese (1724). Then follows Vasses to visit the Temple of Epicurean Apollo (Unesco 1986) considered being a miracle of the ancient architecture. Early evening we arrive at Katakolo to visit the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology, which houses more than 200 ancient mechanisms. Arrival to Olympia. Dinner and overnight.

Day : 4 - Olympia – Dimitsana

Today we head towards Dimitsana which is situated above Loussios canyon. On arrival we visit the Open Air Water-Power Museum which highlights the importance of water to the societies. Afterwards a walking trail by the gorge (2hrs approx.) will take us to ancient Tefthis. Return to Dimitsana for dinner and overnight.

Day : 5 - Dimitsana – Mycenae - Athens

Time at leisure. At 11h00 depart to Mycenae (Unesco 1999) to see the land of Agamemnon, the king who was later became the leader of the crusade against Troia. Arrival in Athens late in the evening.

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What's Included

  • Transportation with deluxe vehicles
  • Guided visits as per detailed itinerary
  • Admission fees to the visiting places
  • 1 overnight in Kalavryta, at selected 4 stars hotel
  • 2 overnights in Olympia, at selected 4* stars hotel
  • 1 overnight in Dimitsana, at selected 4 stars mansion
  • Four buffet breakfasts at the hotels
  • Four meals inclusive of ½ lt wine
  • Cog railway tickets to Kalavryta
  • Geo Routes Tour Director
  • Geo Routes Information Material
  • Liability Insurance
  • VAT


5 days cultural journey


Daily on request
(bookings close 72 hours prior to departure)


  • Temple of Epicurean Apollo (Unesco 1986)
  • Archeological site of Olympia (Unesco 1989)
  • Archeological site of Mycenae (Unesco 1999)

Departure Points

  • Your Hotel


  • Kalavryta Cog Railway
  • Municipal Museum of the Kalavritan Holocaust
  • Mega Spyleo Monastery
  • Agia Lavra Monastery
  • Cave of the Lakes
  • Planitero
  • Ancient Psophis
  • Foloi Forest
  • Museum of Ancient Greek Technology Katakolon
  • Open Air Water-Power Museum Dimitsana


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Cultural Heritage
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Places of Religious Interest

Tour Pricing

Private Tour 2 pax: 3050.00€ pp
Private Tour 4 pax: 1800.00€ pp
Private Tour 6 pax: 1410.00€ pp
Group Tour: from 750.00€ pp

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