The Battle of Marathon

The Battle of Marathon took place on August 12th 490 BC during the 1st Persian invasion of Greece when the Persian forces set sail for Athens and landed in a bay near the town of Marathon. It is often seen as a pivotal moment in European history. The belligerents were Athenians vs the Persian Empire, on strength difference 10.000 Athenians vs 100,000 infantry and 1,000 cavalry from Persia. The manpower losses were 203 Athenians vs 6.400 + 7 ships from the Persian forces. The Athens Classic Marathon is devoted to the memory of Phidippides, the messenger who died after having run from the Battle of Marathon to Athens to announce the Greeks’ victory over the Persians. In modern times, the Athens Classical Marathon is traced back to the Olympics of 1896 and is considered to be one of the most difficult ones. The aim of this cultural program is to make us feel, with the help of particularly elaborated tour guides, the atmosphere of that time, and connect the past to the present.

Detailed Itinerary

09.00 am our cultural program starts from Athens through the northern suburbs of the city. Stop en route to the Dam at the lake of Marathon. We continue to the Tomb of Marathon, to visit the site where the famous battle of Marathon took place.

Next visit is at the Archaeological Museum to see couple of exhibits which covering a time span from the Prehistoric to the Late Roman era and derive mainly from the excavated cemeteries around the area.

We then head towards the city of Marathon to visit the Athens Classic Marathon starting point and Marathon Race Museum that hosts over than 3,100 exhibits recording the history of the Marathon race, among which cups, medals and numerous relics of the legendary Marathon road race athlete Stelios Kyriakides, the winner of the Boston Marathon in 1946.

Return to Athens in the afternoon.

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What's Included

  • Transportation with deluxe vehicle
  • Guided visits as per detailed itinerary
  • Admission fees for the visiting places
  • Geo Routes Tour Director
  • Geo Routes Information Material
  • Liability Insurance
  • VAT


5 hours cultural program


Daily on request (Mondays excluded)
(bookings close 72 hours prior to departure)

Departure Points

  • Your Hotel


  • Marathon Dam
  • Marathon Tomb
  • Archaeological Museum of Marathon
  • Μarathon Race Museum
  • Classic Marathon starting point


Cultural Heritage
Cultural Heritage
History – Archaeology
History – Archaeology

Tour Pricing

Private Tour 2 pax: 369.00€ pp
Private Tour 4 pax: 229.00€ pp
Private Tour 6 pax: 169.00€ pp
Group Tour: from 79.00€ pp

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