“Our Greece – Globally Yours” A New Era to Geo Routes Eco Tourism & Cultural Expeditions

Geo Routes Cultural Journeys for Greece that held under the auspices of H.N.C UNESCO, as of June 2013 constitute a non-profit and non-governmental organization under the name ‘Geo Routes Eco tourism & Cultural Heritage Journeys Institute (www.geo-routes.com)

The new era for the Organization is been additionally highlighted by the institutional support of the European Commission Rep. Office in Greece and the collaboration of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Firmly committed to their mission statement, Geo Routes seeking to hold the position of a creative contributor to the improvement and the enforcement of Greece’s tourism image under the flag “OUR GREECE GLOBALLY YOURS”

Geo Routes Cultural Heritage Journeys and events fostering to make their customers experiencing the ‘other side’ of true and unspoiled Greece, to promote its 5000 years of glamorous cultural heritage, enforcing to the intercultural dialogue and to contribute to the development of the local societies through C.S.R. programs.

Members to the ‘Geo Routes Cultural Heritage Institute may become Corporations, Individuals, Bodies & Associations. Our strategy is mainly focused in planning, setting up and operating:

a) Experiential journeys of cultural, environmental and educational character
b) Conferences, Symposia, Educational Seminars, cultural events & exhibitions
c) Consulting & Researches focused into sustainable development projects
d) Formatting of Networks of intercultural dialogue expertise
e) Publication of Books, magazines, studies, albums and digital productions for the promotion of sciences and culture.

Geo Routes have already available 25 cultural theme journeys in Greece (Athens, Mainland and the Islands as Aegean Routes) powered by the accredited official destination management agency Gnomon Performance SA (www.gnomon.eu).

Participants to Geo Routes are available of 4 alternatives to attend an experiential journey to Greece: a) on specific departure dates, on convoy basis, whilst driving their own vehicles they enjoy a fully organized trip at their own space, b) on Private/VIP basis, who are disposed throughout the year of a luxurius vehicle and the Geo Routes crew (Route Manager & Tour Director), enjoying a fully organized trip with services exclusively provided to them, c) on Group basis, who are disposed of a luxurius motor-coach to enjoy their trip at the dates most convenient to the team, and d) on Tailor-Made basis that a journey may be adjusted to the content, the routes, the special interests and the requirements of the group.