Young Diplomats Forum Athens 2015 ‘best than ever before’

Under the guidance of Geo Routes, Young Diplomats Forum(YDF) experienced in Athens the most successful annual event than ever before.

Upon confirmation of the partnership between Global Diplomatic Forum and Geo Routes Cultural Institute for the organization of YDF in Greece, the task was clear and unequivocal:

    • Athens to host the most memorable, institutional and creative forum
    • Athens to surpass the previous successful events held in Ankara-TR, Mexico City-MX and London-UK.

For 5 consecutive days between 8th to 12th of June, the 80 young diplomats from 65 countries around the globe, finally had the opportunity to attend a world class conference and to enhance their knowledge in the fields of international and regional affairs, enjoying excellent speakers, symbolic venues, hot topics including soft & hard diplomacy issues, being all part of the Young Diplomats Forum agenda in Athens-2015.

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Hellenic Management Association (EEDE)

Diplomacy in the 21st century:
-H.E Farid Fernandez, Ambassador of Venezuela in Greece
-Mr. Robert Jan Sieben, Dpt Head of Mission, Embassy of the Netherlands in Greece
-Mr. Andreas Andrianopoulos, Director of the Institute of Diplomacy & Global Affairs
Public and cultural Diplomacy in National Branding:
-Dr Dionysia Avgerinopoulou, Chair, Circle of the Mediterranean Parliamentarians for Sustainable Development
-Dr Maria Fola MSc, PHD on Nation Branding, Communications Officer, Bodossaki Foundation

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European Parliament in Athens

The active role of the European Commission:
-Mr. Leonidas Antonakopoulos, Head of the European Parliament in Greece
-Mr. Panos Carvounis, Head of the Rep. of the European Commission in Greece
Challenges to the EU’s Role as a Diplomatic Actor 5 Years after the Lisbon Treaty:
-H.E Charlotte Wrangberg, Ambassador of Sweden to Greece
-H.E Alfonsas Eidintas, Ambassador of Lithuania to Greece
-Mr. Pan.Ioakimidis, Emeritus Professor, Faculty of Political Science & Pubic Administration, Athens University
-Mr. Sp.Blavoukos, Ass. Prof. Dpt. of Intl & European Economic Studies, Athens University
Security Challenges for South Eastern Europe & Post Conflict in the Balkans and the Ukraine Crisis:
-Mrs. Nataliya Sirenko, Secretary A, Embassy of Ukraine to the Hellenic Republic
-Mrs. Enkeleda Merkuri, Minister & Counselor Embassy of Albania to the Hellenic Republic
-Mr. Ionnis Karampelas, Head of S/E Europe Intelligence Unit- Institute for Security and Defense Analysis
-Dr. Thanos Dokos, Director, Hellenic Foundation for European & Foreign Policy

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Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Under the guidance of the Diplomatic Academy, important topics related to diplomatic issues were covered about Greece and environs.
Mr. Pantelis Karkambasis-Director of the Academy and
Mr. Dimitris Azemopoulos- Director of Studies, have lead the presentations of that day.

Speeches addressed:
– HE Mr. Alexandrakis
– Mr. Efthimiou
– Mr. Stamatakos
– Mr. Mitsopoulos
– Mrs Zisi
– Mr. Tegos
– Mr. Sapountzis
– Mr. Tournakis

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Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry

Athens Chamber of Commerce & Industry (EBEA) and the European Information Center EuropeDirect EBEAprovided a detailed presentation about the Private sector and the Entrepreneurship in Greece.

Speech addressed by:
-Mr. Thomas Katsadouros, Special Advisor to the President

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Hellenic Police Aliens Directorate of Attica

At the Hellenic Police Aliens Directorate of Attica premises, the session was about the Challenges and Efforts to Tackle Illegal and Irregular Immigration Flows to Greece and European Union, presented by:

-Mrs Z.Tsirigoti, Major General, Hellenic Police – Aliens & Border Protection Unit
-Mr. E.Grigorakis, Brigadier, Hellenic Police – Aliens Division of Attica
-Mr. A.Soukoulis, Brigadier General, Hellenic Police – Aliens & Border Protection Unit

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Hellenic Coast Guard Directorate HQ & Frontex

The Hellenic Coast Guard Directorate and Frontex presented topics related to the Sea Illegal Immigration, the Life rescue; and Frontex the liaison provided to the EU member states:

-Mr. Thodoris Dritsas, Alternate Minister for Shipping and the Aegean
-Mr. A.Anastasakos, HCG Captain
-Mr. J.Karageorgopoulos, HCG Commodore – Public Security and Sea Borders Protection
-Mr. G.Apostolou, Head of Frontex Liaison Office in Greece

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The Battleship G.AVEROF

Captain Mr. Charalambopoulos welcomed the Young Diplomats Forum on board the 105 years old battleshipAVEROF which is considered to be a historical jewel of the Hellenic navy.

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Explore, Experience, became part of Athens

The cultural walking experience in the downtown provided the opportunity the Young Diplomatic Forum to explore the secrets of Athens at its best.

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Farewell dinner

Whilst the most idyllic place for a farewell party was given to the Yacht Club Mikrolimano.

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Special Thanks

Special thanks to the above mentioned bodies and Institutions in town, that have facilitated and contributed to the success of the Young Diplomats Forum in Athens, as well as many thanks to Mc Cain Hellas – corporate member of Geo Routes Cultural Institute – for supporting to the logistics of the conference.


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