Secrets of Greece – A cultural heritage journey across the “other side” of Greece.

From April 4th through August 31st, 2014, Athens International Airport in cooperation with Geo Routes Cultural Institute, bring into the spotlight a photography exhibition titled “Secrets of Greece” (Arrivals, Entrance 1, “Art & Culture” exhibition area).

The aim of the exhibition is to highlight the majesty of the ‘other side’ of Greece delivered by Geo Routes & Aegean Routes cultural journeys and to present to the thousands of this summer’s visitors the unexpected beauty, the surprising complexity, the poetic simplicity through a rare cultural, natural, historical and gastronomic kaleidoscope of our country.

The “Secrets of Greece” displayed at the airport, are:

Mount Olympus – In the Footprints of the Gods
Lavreotiki– The Technological and Cultural Park at Lavrion, Attica
Amorgos Island – St. Fanourios Church
Epirus – Dilofo Village
Northwest Macedonia – St.Achillios at the Lakes of Prespa
East Mani in Peloponnese, The Diros Caves
Mediterranean Diet – UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage list Included since 2010

In addition, a video show of 250 selected photographic themes from all over Greece will be projected in the exhibition area.

Geo Routes & Aegean Routes cultural journeys are held under the auspices of the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO as their mission statement is consistent with the program “Culture-Tourism Development” of the International Organization. Each of the photographs in the exhibition “Secrets of Greece” is followed by a pictogram related to the Cultural Heritage of Greece.

The significance of the Exhibition comes after the national success of the recognition referred to the recognition of the synergy between the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and Geo Routes Cultural Institute as “best practice model” for the promotion of the Cultural Heritage of Greece during the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris (November 2013).