Geo Routes expanding to China in collaboration with the China Cultural Heritage Protection Center

A memorandum of collaboration between the China Cultural Heritage Protection Center and Geo Routescultural expeditions held under the auspices of the HNC UNESCO, established in Beijing on December 1st, 2012.

The President of the China Cultural Heritage Protection Center, Mr. Qiao Shenqian, stated following: “We warmly welcome Giannis Balakakis and Geo-Routes to China. Our countries, with a history of thousands of years of cultural contribution to the humanity, are nowadays, closer than ever before. We are glad for our cooperation with Geo Routes, which their journeys, highlighting the cultural heritage of Greece and contributing to the development of the local societies. To us, Geo Routes constitute a unique vehicle for the promotion of the China Cultural Heritage Protection Center’s aspirations and we wish to have the opportunity to launch Geo Routes cultural journeys in China too.”

Concluding, Mr. Qiao Shenqian added: ‘Within the framework of this memorandum signed with Mr. Giannis Balakakis, we will organize cultural missions to Greece, which the participants will be from the academic as well as from the administrative sector.’

The President of Geo Routes, Mr. Giannis Balakakis, has stated: ‘with this memorandum we will make efforts to reinforce the cultural exchanges between our countries. Upon their visit, our friends from China will enjoy the myths, the history and the cultural heritage of Greece. It would be our pleasure to welcome China Cultural Heritage Protection Center’s officials as well as your guests to our country’. And has concluded, ‘for the Chinese people wishing to visit Greece, we will make supreme efforts to our authorities to facilitate the issuing of visa; which can significantly contribute to the increase of the touristic flow to our country’.

Geo Routes have been in Beijing on the occasion of the 1st B2B Tradeshow Greece–China 29 & 30/11/2012, which was organized by the Institute of Economic and Cultural action for Greece and China, aiming to boost Greek exports of food products and beverages.

The opening ceremony was attended by the Greek Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Kourkoulas, the HE Ambassador of Greece in Beijing, Mr. Georgakelos, representatives of UNESCO China, Chinese officials and academics, while the President of the HNC UNESCO, Ms. Catherine Tzitzikosta, delivered her greetings.

During parallel events, Geo Routes presented the advantages of the Mediterranean diet and Greek products to local organizations and companies, highlighting Greece as of the most important culinary destinations in Europe.

China Cultural Heritage Protection Center’s Profile: is administered by the Ministry of Culture of the PR of China and is the only national organization aiming to protect and promote the cultural heritage of China and strengthen the image of the country towards this direction. Its activity is related to researching, publishing literary and academic works, determining and applying strategies for the coordination of the cultural heritage of China, organizing cultural and educational events and promoting the exchange of cultural projects at international level. The China Cultural Heritage Protection Center collaborates with the Chinese Ministries of: Culture, Civil Affairs, State Administration of Cultural Heritage, Public Works, Public Administration, Tourism. Organizations: UNESCO, International Union of Confucius. Councils: promoting Chinese culture, traditional Chinese culture, International stock centre of culture etc.

Geo & Aegean Routes’ Profile: provide experiential cultural journeys in Greece, held under the auspices of the HNC UNESCO. Their trips designed to highlight the unexplored parts of Greece, to promote its cultural heritage and to contribute to the development of the local societies through corporate social responsibility programs. They are addressed to travelers (individuals or Groups), from Greece and abroad, seeking for life-time experiences. They maintain the concept of the “active voyager”, who actively participate and keeps records for the needs about the society, the culture or the environment, contributing to their satisfaction through CSR programs. To date Geo Routes offer 16 routes covering Greece, as well as pallet of 8 more for special interest groups.