Greek Success during the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris

An outstanding success for Greece noted during the 37th General Conference of UNESCO in Paris, which was referred to the recognition of the synergy between the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the nonprofit organization Geo Routes Cultural Institute that was accepted as “best practice model” for the promotion of the cultural heritage of Greece, the awareness for the volunteerism and the importance of the Corporate Social Responsibility programs for the social development.

The 37th General Conference placed in Paris on November 5th to 20th 2013 with the attendance of the 195 member-states of UNESCO.Mr. Eric Falt, Deputy Director External Relations of UNESCO, praised the dimensions of the synergy between the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO and the Geo Routes Cultural Institute with regards to the relevance, the objectives and the initiatives of the Organization. Mr. Falt has also invited the 194 member-states to follow the example of the Hellenic National Commission and consider similar synergies which allow to further strengthening the Programs of UNESCO.

The national Greek success was warmly accepted by the audience, among which Governmental Officials from the Member-States, Presidents & Executives of the National Commissions and Officials of UNESCO were included.

The 37th General Conference of UNESCO has set the Medium-Term Strategy and the objectives of development over the next 8 years in the areas of education, science & culture. It was also considerable due to the elections for the positions: a) of the President for the years 2013-2015 and b) for the seat of Director-General for the years 2013-2017. New President elected is Mr. Hao Ping, Vice Minister of Education of China, and for 2nd term Director-General was appointed the particularly successful Mrs. Irina Bokova.

Geo Routes Cultural Institute ( ultimate flag “Our Greece Globally Yours” presented on October 16th to the foreign Diplomatic Missions & Delegations in Town, at the European Parliament Office in Greece, aims to highlight the majesty of secret Greece, to promote its authentic cultural, environmental & human capital and to contribute to the development of the local societies through Corporate Social Responsibility customized programs.

Being the sustainable development to the center of the attention of Geo Routes Cultural Institute, it produces from medium to large scale exceptional CSR programs, through which the Companies or Organizations have the opportunity to practice and contribute to the society, the culture or the environment and become nominated to an honorary distinction by the Hellenic National Commission for UNESCO during a Cultural Heritage festival.